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Welcome to Glenn Duhigg Coaching. Global technology organizations and professional services firms trust me to increase the impact of their leadership and to build their bench of emerging leadership talent. Currently I’m working with leaders, managers and high potential ICs, working across software development, data, infrastructure, product and sales. I’m located in San Francisco and work with folks across the globe in the US, AP & EMEA.

At a high level, I’m called in to fast track development, learning and growth for leaders in critical roles. I meet them where they are at and explore who they need to be and how to get there, within the systems that they operate in. My practice is based on the research base of what works in leadership coaching. My mission is always to build greater performance and wellbeing in unison. They are not mutually exclusive.

Together we get very real about where the leader is at and where they need to be, we identify specific goals, determine solutions and develop plans of action to reach the desired outcomes. We form “thought partnerships” where clients can decompress, make sense of their experiences and determine the cognitive, emotional and most importantly, behavioral adjustments required to learn, develop and perform in increasingly complex situations. The work is thrilling.

Let’s cut through the noise & hype of the coaching industry. Change is hard. It’s a non-linear, disruptive process and our intentions to change don’t guarantee sustained behavior change, far from it. That’s why so many people remain habituated, engaging in routine default behaviors and thinking patterns, even when they no longer serve them well. If you are thinking of engaging a coach then I recommend asking them – What does the evidence show to work in goal attainment, behavior change and coaching practice?

I have worked with people trying to make change for some 20 years now and apply best practices that are underpinned by research and a robust evidence base. My coaching practice draws mostly upon Self-Determination Theory, The Transtheoretical Model of Change & Motivational Interviewing, Goal Attainment (Deliberate Practice & Implementation Intentions), Goal Oriented Solution Focused Coaching and Positive Psychology.

I excel at building relationships of trust and accountability, where solutions can be constructed to move the client into action toward their goals. We experiment in the real world, seek support and guidance, iterate and celebrate success & “failure” equally, until new ways of being are cemented and clients develop more nuanced perspectives and effective behaviors in a wider range of high stakes settings. Self regulation and goal striving are fundamental. We are looking to activate neural pathways to embed new habits that ensure greater effectiveness. For more on my coaching process then please see – Evidence Based Coaching. If you want to know more about what works in leadership coaching according to the latest research, the please see – What Works In Leadership¬†Coaching?

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